It can be pretty intimidating when deciding on where to stay when traveling, especially when you are trekking across the Globe to a remote part of the World. Aaron and I have done a lot (and I mean a lot) of researching when planning trips in the past. With all of this experience under our belts, I thought I would share with you the different types of places you can stay during your travels, along with some of our favorite websites that can help you find the best place to lay your head.

Hotels often get a bad rap when it comes to the travel community. Yes, they can be a more expensive option which is not ideal for long term traveling, but that is not always the case and there are some benefits to staying in a hotel. More often than not, hotels are a great option when trying to stay directly in the center of a major city and depending on what country you are in, some are actually just as affordable as any other form of housing. || Includes a really good rewards program that can earn you free stays at hotels all over the world.

Expedia || Always promoting sales for a multitude of locations and often lets you book now and pay at the hotel.

TripAdvisor || Compares prices from the top hotel sites, including their own. Also gives you a first hand experience before you get to your destination with forums, reviews, and photos from thousands of travelers.

Vacation Rentals is without a doubt the new way to travel. Sites, like the ones below, have redefined the ‘comforts of home’ while being away from home. They are often the most cost efficient option and can help you save even more during your stay by providing you luxuries like a kitchen so you can cook your own food versus paying for every meal. If you’re looking to rent, you could also consider something like an RV Rental Las Vegas; this would be particularly good if you’re wanting to go on a road trip as it will provide you with more space, comfort and facilities than if you travelled in your own car.

AirBnb || The best way to get yourself a secure vacation rental. They also recently released their Experiences platform which allows you to meet with experts who help you get the most from your travels.

Go With Oh || A great host of apartments for almost any city in Europe.

I know it’s hard to think of a hostel and not immediately think of that terrifying movie that came out years ago. Yes, hostels are shared spaces, but more than ever they are becoming a staple for long-term travelers. They are a fraction of the price you would pay at a hotel or even in a vacation rental. A lot of hostels also offer private rooms (that also come with a private bathroom) if you are not yet ready to share your personal space with strangers.

HostelWorld || Includes a ton of details on each hostel including reviews and which hostel has free wifi/breakfast. || This site is packed with information including a rating system on a slew of topics from location to cleanliness to security.

Ah yes, the luxury that is staying in an all-inclusive resort. No matter what kind of traveler you think you are, there is nothing better than being served a margarita (that you don’t have to pay for) while lounging pool side. Staying is a resort is not always attainable due to the high costs, but it is the ultimate getaway so when you can afford it, do it.

Apple Vacations || Prices include transfers to and from the airport and there is always an Apple Vacations representative on site to help you book excursions.

Cheap Caribbean || Features deals on a range of travel packages from budget friendly getaways to luxury resorts. They also include packages for cruises from an array of cruise lines.

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