Are you maximizing discounts at Whole Foods? If you do, you might only spend 75% of your paycheck versus 100%.

One of my favorite things to do when Aaron and I were oversees was to check out the amazing street art. This Mexico City street artist turned his passion into a booming business and I’m dying to be one of his customers.

Think Kanye learned from his recent mistakes? Think again! Proof that Kayne West refuses to apologize for his actions/words and continues to live in his own privileged world where his “growth” as an artist matters more than the ignorance and intolerance the rest of us have to deal with.

Did you know that there a states which allow a pharmacist to make moral/ethical judgements on which prescriptions you are allowed to have filled? I didn’t and I am appalled.

I love coffee (more on that here) so I am a big fan of the German researchers who determined how much coffee we should get each day!

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