When people ask me how I became ‘well versed’ at planning travel, I share with them what I believe to the be the most important aspect of travel: research. Researching is the most vital part of planning and going on any trip. From the destination, to the price for accommodations, to the must see & eat spots; it all comes down to research.

Part of this research is immersing yourself in a community of people who also love to travel. I’m talking about the people who spend their money on experiences and use both their success stories and their mistakes as an example for how others can travel easily and affordably. This community of travelers is all around you which means no excuses on finding them! There are Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, blogs, and even YouTube channels; all packed with information on travel for you to digest.

To help you navigate these communities of people, I decided I would share some of my favorite travel vloggers that are both entertaining and educational. Here ya go!

Iz Harris hands down one of my favorites on YouTube. She is down to Earth, relatable, and she creates content that makes you feel things. She is one half of a married couple who have careers as filmmakers and it shows. You get a good look into her life as a mom & wife, a traveler, and some insight into how she became the filmmaker she is today.  
You can see more from Iz by checking out her show on Eater.

A long standing dream of mine is to have a show (on any platform) that combines food and travel. Getting to eat great food while exploring the world…I mean, it just doesn’t get better than that! TopJaw is pretty much my dream wrapped up in a perfectly edited bow. Jessie and Will take you to the best cities in the World and showcase the best food to eat there. They have a little something for everyone – vegan included – and even have a cheap eats series for those on a budget.

The other half of the filmmaker couple I mentioned (above) is this guy right here. Johnny Harris has a pretty substantial following due to his incredible show on Vox called Boarders, but also has his own YouTube channel where he shares insights on video & life. I recommend both his and Iz’s channels if you love travel or if you have an interest in creating video content of your own.

When I first started discovering travel-based YouTube accounts, Vagabrothers was one of the first channels I came across and subscribed to. They are a great resource for all things travel: from finding the best deals on flights to discovering the best places to explore in each country – Alex & Marco are the guys to watch.

To be honest, this is a YouTube channel I only recently discovered. In fact, most of what I know about Kiki is from her blog. The Blonde Abroad is a great resource for female travelers, including those who travel solo. Even if you are male or in a group, she has a ton of resources for what to do and see when in a new city.

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