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  • My love for @thebreakfastclubnld is so real that I’m claiming it the best breakfast in Amsterdam! 🍶🍽🍓
I’m sharing photos and details on the blog today - check out the link in my bio.
  • New post is up on the blog (and on @wholesomeandhungry). Wanna eat summer in a bowl? Recipe is in the link in my bio 🍑
  • The only thing not included in this Saturday morning snap is the the adorable pup curled up next to me (he's camera shy)
  • Scrolling through old pics this morning and I honestly don't know what I did in life that made me lucky enough to have this little baby-angel-turkey in my life. Even on the shittiest day, this adorable ass face makes everything right in the world.
  • I made this last weekend to feature on the @wholesomeandhungry page and I'm still dreaming about it.
  • Remember when I got to eat this beauty at @thebreakfastclubamsterdam in the middle of Amsterdam? No? Well I do and it was damn good.
  • The weeks we spent in Bali were some of the best weeks of my life. The people of Indonesia, the food, the culture...everything about this country is incredible. If you don’t already know, the city of Lombok (right near Bali) has experienced multiple earthquakes which has caused many areas to literally crumble. Hundreds have died and even more are still missing. There are some incredible people in the city helping the locals and assisting with aid. Both @mattyower and @rjbrowntown are two of these people. Be sure to check out their stories to see what is happening. I have changed the link in my bio to their donation page. Anything that you can donate will help them greatly. (Note: photo is from Bali last year)
  • Friday Fact: I. Love. Smoothies. I love them so much that I have been literally living off of them this summer. It's been a while since I have posted on @wholesomeandhungry but I think I am going to get back to adding content on that page AND I am going to start sharing some of the recipes over on the blog. Today I posted my recipe for this blackberry smoothie bowl that I literally cannot stop making. So grab your blender and get to it! Oh, and follow the @wholesomeandhungry page. K thanks... byyeeeeeee


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December 4, 2018 No Comments


December 4, 2018 No Comments

The other day I was browsing Amazon for a few things we need around the home (and by need I mean want cause I really want a new french press.) While there, I stumbled upon a new furniture collection by Amazon; Rivet. My first thought: what is this and why don’t I know about it?

Surprisingly, the collection is packed with some really beautiful pieces including velvet accent chairs, gorgeous wood tables, and stunning brass lighting. As I browsed through assortment of items in this post, I made sure to keep pricing and reviews in mind. Overall the collection sits at a mid to high price point; however, those prices seem to be backed up with quality.

Here are some of my favorite moments from Amazon’s new Rivet collection:

When it comes to lighting, I am having a gold moment. In fact, I am trying really hard to not switch out every light fixture in our home for one that is dressed in gold details. That is proving to be quite a challenge when there are so many stunning light fixtures with lovely touches of brass and gold in this collection. From sconces, to floor lamps, to flush mounted ceiling lights – there is something for each and every room. The price point on the lighting is at a happy medium

I was delightfully impressed with the furniture options throughout the Rivet collection. There were so many styles and colors to choose from, it really did feel like there was something for everyone. I especially appreciated the variety of textures that are available – mostly all of the velvet options. Honestly I am not sure when velvet started to creep back into things, but I am here for it! Overall the furniture pieces sit at a much higher price point which is hopefully backed up in their quality. There were lots of positive reviews on the pieces shown above which seems to promise a high-end quality.

Out of everything available from Rivet, I felt most drawn to their wood pieces. Most of the pieces have a mid-century modern flare to them, but also have the opportunity to be used within a variety of styles. I am especially fond of their selection of coffee tables and while it didn’t have any reviews yet, this White Wood Media Table is an absolute dream. As with the accent chairs and couches, the wood pieces have a higher price point, but seemed to do well in customer reviews. Customers also mentioned that their pieces were solid wood and felt like a quality piece of furniture.

Along with furniture and lighting, there is also a range of decor items to shop within the Rivet collection. From planters to pillows, there are some really beautiful accent pieces to choose from. In fact, there were way more reviews for decor items than there were for any of the furniture pieces. My favorites from the accessories were their throws and mirrors, all of which are at a mid to high price point. With that being said, they almost all have raving reviews in terms of quality and comfort.

To shop the pieces you see here and to check out the entire Rivet collection, head over to Amazon and be sure to share your favorites in the comments below. Oh and one last thin,g, if you’re going to invest in such beautiful furniture, make sure you use top-quality cleaning devices such as those designed by Bissell.


title photo: amazon



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