If you know me or have read this blog before, you already know that I am a pretty big fan of coffee. Coffee is a great start to the day, and the aroma of coffee roasting first thing in the morning will make anyone leap out of bed ready to start their day. My guilty pleasure in life is a good latte (especially chai lattes!) crafted with almost any non-dairy milk. As much as I love coffee, I love unique coffee shops just as much. There is just something about the environment of a good coffee shop that makes you want to whip out your laptop and be a writer. Am I right??

One of the best things about living in a major city like Philadelphia is that there is no shortage of coffee spots. Yes, there is a Dunkin and Starbucks on every corner, but there are also a bunch of independently owned cafes. It’s important to remember that these smaller coffee shops and cafes need your support more than the bigger brands do. It can be difficult for these independent shops to make profits, meaning that they often end up closing after some time. One of my friends actually told me about the new franchising oppportunities offered by https://justlovecoffeefranchise.com/ the other day. She said that can be easier for people who want to own a coffee shop because the brand is already established. This means that they already have marketing and branding in place, so people are aware of the business. Anyway, it’s good to explore some of the smaller coffee shops. They offer so much, from coffee classes to space you can rent for a private event, these five must-visit coffee spots have it all. Here is a list of my top-five places to grab a great coffee (and more) in Philadelphia:

Multiple locations, but I recommend 1335 Frankford Ave.Philadelphia, PA 19125

I really didn�t want to put any �chain� coffee spots on this list; however, it is hard not to mention La Colombe when talking about coffee in Philadelphia. With five locations in Philly, La Colombe is a staple for good coffee in the city. In fact, one of the only things I miss about my former employer is that their office was perfectly situated across from the La Colombe at Dilworth Plaza. All of the locations are nice, but I greatly encourage you to check out their spot in Fishtown; it is massive and it pays a great respect to the art that you can find all over the city. A great cup of coffee and a really lovely space to drink it in, La Colombe does not disappoint.

701 S 7th St., Philadelphia 19147

Rally is a unique coffee experience. Part cafe and part retail/event space, this spot is so much more than just coffee. This place is the perfect home to grabbing a latte with your bestie, but is also a great spot to host a small private event. The design is chic and modern and the coffee is equally as pleasing. I also love Rally�s approach at supporting local businesses and artists. They feature other brands in their shop and encourage artists to submit their products to line the shelves at Rally.


Not only is Ox Coffee a perfect spot for your next Instagram pic, but they also serve an amazing cup of coffee. This spot is a true gem in the heart of Philadelphia and a must-visit when you find yourself in the city of brotherly love. Not only can you get a great coffee there, you can also take classes. Yea, you read that right. Ox Coffee offers a number of classes that cover latte art, home brewing, and even education on the different types of brews.

18 S. 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106

Menagerie is a seriously special spot in Philadelphia. The coffee is downright delicious and the aesthetic is just as amazing! With the exposed brick wall and quiet ambience, this place is made for the freelancer who needs an inspiring place to work. The shop is tiny so seating can be limited, but there are lots of vegan options and a super friendly staff. Some reviews might try to deter you by saying the menu is limited, but I actually love how small the selection is. It takes the leg-work out of sifting through a long menu of various brews to choose (they use Dogwood Coffee.)

207 S Sydenham St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Okay, so I know we are all here to talk about coffee, but Elixer is so much more than that. Head over to Google and check out the pics of their food� now tell me you don�t want to devour every single donut and croissant you see? You can also find a slew of rav reviews on their food while you are there. Their coffee is exceptional and their cozy/rustic vibes you get when hanging out or working there don�t hurt either. This is one of the most-stop shops that you have to check out.

All photos were sources from the brand�s Instagram.

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