When it comes to finding a place to stay in any city, I swear by Airbnb. I am sure there a lot of wonderful hotels to put down your bags and rest your head, but there are far too many charming apartments sprawling across the city to not indulge in. In a city like this, you get more for your money when you stay in one of these remarkable spaces.

I swore that Paris was going to be one of those overrated cities, but the moment we stepped out of the train station, I knew I would be eating my words! I loved this stunning city so much that I almost cried actual tears when we left. It seemed like no matter where you might stay in Paris, you will always feel like you are in the heart of it all. We were fortunate enough to stay about a 15 minute walk from the Louvre Museum and we would find ourselves constantly wandering around various areas of the city on foot. One thing you cannot escape in Paris is that rentals are small and most require lots of stairs. I suggest sucking it up and using it as some extra cardio so that you can eat a second crepe. Trust me on this.

Here are 5 amazing Airbnb’s for under $100!

Please note: these prices and listings are as of the date this is posted. Airbnb rates and availability are subject to change.

Not gonna lie, I am really upset that this place was not available when Aaron and I traveled to Paris. In fact, it is pretty much booked for a majority of 2019 which should explain why it made it to the top of this list! Not only is this place stunning on the inside, but it is perfectly located near the Canal Saint Martin. For $90/night you can book this gem for your stay in Paris!

This lovely little 1-bedroom apartment is the perfect blend of modern and Parsian. The flat, which is located right near Montmartre, also comes with an adorable courtyard. Staying in a major city can often come with lots of noise (especially at night) but this quiet space is tucked away just enough so that you can enjoy the city without all the buzz. If the 5 star ratings aren’t enough to convince you to rent this $73/night spot, the pages of positive reviews will!

I am not usually one for a ton of color, but this creatively designed flat is too good to pass up. This apartment is packed with all the amenities you will ever need which is a steal for $99/night. This place is perfect if you are traveling as a family as there were a lot of reviews from groups or families talking about the comfort of the space. You can also run to one of many bakeries right outside the flat for a yummy pastry.

When you think of Paris, it’s hard to not think of chic interiors. This apartment falls right into that with it’s luxurious style and bounty of amenities. Honestly, it looks like a hotel room! The apartment also comes with a courtyard and provides close access to a ton of tourist spots and metro stations. Whether you are a couple on a romantic getaway or in the city for work, this $98/night spot will have you living in luxury for your trip.

I’m not sure if it’s the exposed brick or the wood beams that run through this flat, but I love this apartment! It is another spot that I wish I had found before our trip to Paris (don’t worry…. I saved it for our next one!) The space is fully equiped with anything you could ever need and is perfectly located in Oberkampf district which is very trendy. It’s a smaller space that is best suited for 2 people, but at $89/night, it is a must-stay if you want to explore the city right.

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