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July 11, 2018 No Comments


If you are doing it right, you probably spend anywhere from 7-9 hours sleeping each day. While these restful hours are doing your body good, I often wonder if there is a little more we can focus on when it comes to our overnight habits. Specifically, I have been reading a lot about the good you can do for your skin and your mind while you are blissfully asleep. Turns out, the hours where you are not awake can be just as useful when it comes to things like your skin, hair, and nails.

With this information in mind, I decided I would set out to find the best products to help you get the most from an overnight beauty routine.

This is a no brainer, but I cannot put this post up without mentioning just how important drinking water is when it comes to your overall health. This is especially the case when you are sleeping. Think of it like this: can you imagine going 8 hours throughout the day without drinking any water? Hard to consider, huh? Well that happens when we sleep so making sure that you drink enough water while you are awake so that you can sustain your hydration levels during your rest is essential. H2O does wonders for all aspects of your health and beauty so drink up! Iconiq Water Bottle

Adding an essential oil diffuser into our bedroom has literally changed the game when it comes to the quality of sleep that we get. There are about a million and one benefits to essential oils (see some here) so pumping these bad boys into the air while you are asleep almost guarantees you a good night of solid rest.  Not only can they make your bedroom smell like an actual dream, but they also create a sense of calm and serenity in the area. Some of my favorite scents to use when sleeping are lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus and sandalwood. Teo Pilgrim Diffuser 


You should probably know that I am one of ‘those girls’ that is constantly slathering some sort of balm or gloss on my lips…like alllll day long. Dry lips drive me nuts so there is hardly ever a moment where I do not have this stuff on. While I may own about 25465347 different balms, I make sure to use a high quality night-time one for those hours I am sleeping and cannot reapply. Using a balm overnight allows you to wake  up with soft smooth lips and fights chapped lips during the colder months. I specifically have been devoted to this balm here for almost a year now and I can’t get enough (best balm I have ever used!) C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Overnight Lip Balm


For years I would run (full speed) if anyone brought a face oil near me. Suffering from oily skin my entire life, the idea of adding more oil seemed downright cruel. As I have gotten older (younger), I have wised up and learned that there are actual benefits to adding a face oil to your skincare routine- especially for those who have oily skin. I have used a face oil on and off for a few years, but this specific oil has changed the game for me. This overnight face oil has allowed me to wake up with a fresh ‘glow’ to my skin and I swear my skin has never felt softer. Letting this guy sink in overnight is one of my favorite things about going to sleep.  Shea Moisture Overnight Face Oil


It may seem crazy to recommend a face treatment after recommending a night-time oil, but hear me out. Not only is this product incredibly lightweight on the skin, but the Herbivore website actually suggests oils that you can use with it! This specific face treatment is meant to be massaged into the skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh. The other great additive is that a little goes a long way so it’s worth every penny. Herbivore Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment
















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