I am happy to say that I can actually write a post today on the books that I read last month. I started out 2019 so strong with reading, but the closer it got to the summer, the less and less I read. I have finally started to pick up books again and have a few good ones to share with you! 

I have been holding onto this book for some time now and decided that my trip to the Dominican Republic would be the perfect time to finally read this. As a fan of Gabby Bernstein and her prior books, I knew that I would appreciate the message this book shared. Gabby did not disappoint and used this book as an opportunity to encourage people to pay attention to their perceptions. There was a talk about fear vs. faith and discussions surrounding how we as humans perceive our position in the universe. It’s simple: if you are looking for fear, that is what you will find. If you search for love however, that is also what you will find. Ask yourself: What are you looking for?

The book also shares some meditation and mindfulness practices that you can implement into your day. You can also hear some personal stories from Gabby on the power of the Universe; ones which I found really inspiring.

“In the midst of the darkness, grab a flashlight.”  – Gabby Bernstein

My first introduction to David Bach was on the Marie Forleo show. He was discussing his book as well as his philosophy on money and I was hooked. I quickly made my way to Amazon, scooped this up, and promptly finished it within 48 hours. 

It is nothing short of refreshing to hear a prominent financial expert tells you that you don’t have to spend your life working in some stressful (and dreadful) job, climbing the corporate ladder, trying to make as much money as possible, only to not touch a dime until you retire at 72 years old. Instead, David’s approach to saving starts with paying yourself first and using the money you already have in a smarter way. The idea that we will spend $5 a day on a latte, but not on the things we really want in life (like travel) is silly and this book will shift your perspective on where the money you already make is really going!

“A latte a day keeps retirement away”  – David Bach

I really wanted to love this book. The concept of it spoke to me as did the rave reviews I was reading online. While I didn’t dislike the book, I also didn’t love it. I found myself easily getting lost within the words and easily distracted by the things around me. As someone who can read in front of a television with other people around, this says a lot. 

This book encompass so much of what I love: travel. An acclaimed author receives an invitation to a former boyfriend’s wedding and decides to skip town in order to avoid all the emotional baggage that comes inside that invite. I can say that I greatly appreciated there being a gay male as a lead character and enjoyed the story line as he travels from one location to another. I simply could not sink my teeth deep enough into the story to hang on and felt a bit of relief as I closed the final pages. 

“How can so many things become a bore by middle age — philosophy, radicalism, and other fast foods — but heartbreak keeps its sting?” – Andrew Sean Greer

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