I figured since I am starting off the New Year on a reading kick, it makes sense that I use this as an opportunity to share some of my favorite book/reading IG accounts with you all. Up until a few months ago, I pretty much only used Good Reads to try and find book recommendations. Then, one day while browsing Instagram, I stumbled on the book community sharing their favorite reads & reviews online. Honestly, if you want to start reading or need some new books to check out – this is where you can find them!

This is one of the first book accounts I found on Instagram and pretty much the one that lead me down the ‘book community’ rabbit hole. The account itself is accompanied by a podcast that talks about books and gets insights from the authors. Seeing a group of women supporting books that are about/written by women is pretty great in my book!

Formerly known as phillybookclub, this page is my go-to when it comes to what book I should read next. It’s run by one of my fav bloggers, Chaucee, and it is packed with the best book recommendations. In fact, I have yet to read a book suggested by her which I didn’t fall in love with. She has an affinity for memoirs which is likely why I love her book club so much and I can’t help but drool over the warm tones of her feed – it’s really stunning. I highly recommend you follow along.

Listening to Simone talk about books (on her IG stories) is similar to listening to Andy Puddicombe talk about meditation: the girl knows her shit! She reads so many books that it might make you feel ‘not worthy’ and hell, we probably aren’t. With that being said Simone is a sweetheart and really detailed in her reviews. I love this because it gives me a true sense about the book/author before committing to the purchase myself. You can check out Simone’s blog here.

Ana has one of those pages on Instagram that I find myself going to multiple times a day. Maybe it’s because her feed is beautiful, maybe it is because her reviews/recommendations are insightful. Either way, I am drawn to her page and never want to leave. I love how inclusive Ana is with her book selection; meaning there are an array of authors and genres to read through. It’s a great page to follow no matter what type of books you love.

Okay, so if you like books, but you also like to look at pretty things – this is the account for you. This girl’s aesthetic is stunning and her book recommendations aren’t too bad either. While a lot of the book accounts I follow on IG tend to recommend books I know I will like, thebibliotheque brings something new to the table. She professes her love for young adult/romance novels and it has pushed me outside of my box a little. Not mad at it. You can also read her blog here.

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