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October 12, 2018 No Comments

Guess who has two thumbs and is back with another set of Instagram accounts that you need to follow? This girl right here! I love making these posts and it seems you guys are enjoying them as well so we are back with another round of incredible IG accounts to check out. This one has a little bit of everything: something for those who love to travel (myself included) and even those who can’t help themselves around a good cup of coffee. Be sure to share some of your favorite Instagram accounts in the comment section below!


I am a sucker for good packaging so when I stumbled on this page it was an immediate follow. There’s something to be said about seeing the different designs of coffee cups from shops across the globe. There are so many different styles (my favorite) and you may just stumble across a coffee shop that you can visit on your next trip. Another cool aspect of this IG account is that you can submit a photo of a coffee cup that you think is worthy of the page. Oh and as an added bonus – you should check out Henry’s (the IG creator) personal account @henry_hargreaves_photo. It’s a colorful dream.

I first came across Emma and her impeccable sense of style on YouTube where I binge watched her videos for days. Naturally, I made sure to follow her on Instagram so I can stare at her beautiful wardrobe and wish it were all mine. Yes, her style is everything, but she is also hilarious and witty and super real. She is incredibly descriptive when it comes to the feel and wear of clothes and while there is definitely some high-end fashion happening, she also shops some really affordable brands as well.

We all know how much Aaron and I love to travel so there a quite a few travel accounts under my ‘Follows’ tab, but I have to say this account is definitely one of my favorites. Alli, Bobby, and their adorable pup are travel family goals. I was actually a major fan Alli already (she co-founded my favorite jewelry line, 31Bits) so when I saw her traveling with her man I knew I had to follow along. Oh and did I mention they follow me on Instagram???? You can just imagine the explosion of fangirl that went down when that happened. I also suggest checking out their blog which is packed with travel stories!

My discovery of Tanya’s┬ásensational IG feed of home interiors was by chance. I was browsing the Design Sponge website and there was a house tour of Tanya’s own home – which happens to be in NJ (that’s close to me for those of you who don’t know.) It is lovely. Her aesthetic is very similar to mine so staring at various photos of her home never gets old to me. If I could, I would reach right into the screen in front of me, pull the decor out of her home and re-purpose it in my own.

When I started to transition to a plant based diet, I tried to spend as much time as possible researching the health behind food. It is important to educate yourself and this is especially true when you 180 your entire eating habits. I got even more into reading about the science of food and it’s impact on the body when I started to struggle with GI issues. That’s when I came across Simon’s IG account. This guy is an encyclopedia when it comes to plant based eating and I am forever grateful for his mission to spread this knowledge to others. Not only does he share vegan recipes, but he also share studies on plant based diets and has a podcast with some pretty awesome guests from the vegan community.

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