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August 21, 2018 No Comments

On a recent trip to the Headspace blog (yes, I am still waiting for them to Sponsor me since I am a walking spokesperson for their app), I found an article titled: How do you speak to yourself? The article asks you to consider how you speak to yourself in your daily thoughts. Do you encourage yourself and praise your accomplishments throughout the day? Do you beat yourself up and tell yourself that you are not good enough?

While the article itself is a pretty quick read, I found myself reflecting on the post for most of the day. It seemed so easy to answer the question by saying I was pretty good to myself; however, I wasn’t so sure that would be the case. There are a few things about me that I know for certain: I love tacos and puppies, I am very indecisive, and I can be pretty critical of myself. With this in mind, I decided to spend a day being mindful of my thoughts, especially when they concerned me. Turns out, I’m a cutthroat biotch!

Now, I should state that the whole day wasn’t a total self-roasting session. There were some times where I was pretty kind towards myself: “Damn, I’m having a good eyebrow day” or “I did something good for someone in giving my breakfast to a homeless gentleman on the way to work.” However, I was also pretty quick to realize that being “critical of myself” was a vast understatement. Specifically, I was my most harsh self when it came to my body and my work. Upset that I am still X number of pounds away from my goal weight and unsatisfied with the long list of things I still want to accomplish in a career, it seems I am downright cold hearted when it comes to these topics.

Need a little irony in this post? Without question, if I ever heard a friend, a family member, hell -if I heard a stranger say some of the things I said to myself about themselves, I would Oprah the hell out of them! In fact, just the other week I scolded my bestie for doubting her talents and the work she is putting into her career. So, why is it so easy for us to be so malicious to ourselves when we wouldn’t even consider that to be acceptable from the people we love? Maybe it’s just that we don’t love ourselves enough?

So, here’s the thing you take with you after reading this post: pay attention to your thoughts and if you find yourself being cruel to yourself, stop in that very moment and think of something that you do love about yourself. The scale is up 2lbs?  You still look amazing in that outfit. This small and almost effortless mindful practice will make sure that you not only continue to build confidence in yourself, but that you always show yourself a little love.


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