Ahh Paris. The city that made me never want to leave. As I mentioned in my Airbnb post, I really thought Paris would be overrated, so I was nothing short of shocked when I fell madly in love with the charm, the architecture, and of course, the food. It seemed effortless to get lost in the city and it felt so easy to immerse yourself in the daily Parsian life: coffee, crepes, walking around the city, and my favorite – late nights with a glass of wine outside until the wee-hours of the night.

I often find myself thinking about Paris and plan on returning to check off a few more must-see spots within the city. Until then, here are five things you have to do when in Paris.


I told you that this would be on every (5 things) list I have and I was not lying. The difference about Paris – it is at the top! I should start this by saying that I looooooveee sweets. Cakes, cookies, pastries, ice cream…all of the desserts. With this being said, Paris was a sweet-treat dream for me. I had crepes, croissants, macaroons, cake, and more! Aaron and I also found a lot of delicious food from various cultures – not just french cuisine.


This sounds almost scripted, but Aaron and I decided to take a walk around sunset on our first full day in Paris and after a 10 minute stroll realized we had ended up at the Louvre. That’s right – we booked an Airbnb that was that close to this iconic spot. How lucky are we? While we did not go inside to view the art, we spent a few hours outside taking in the stunning architecture and the outdoor sculptures. Being in that setting during sunset was a highlight of our time in Paris and I highly recommend walking the Louvre’s grounds as the sun starts to set.


While I would consider myself spiritual (yes, I’m talking about my meditation obsession), I am not a very religious person. With that being said, walking into the various churches in Paris was one of my favorite experiences while we were in the city. My love for architecture was magnified by these beautiful buildings and there was a really inviting feel to each one we went into. This gem right here was actually across the street from our Airbnb (how lucky were we??).


You may think this sounds cheesy, but Paris really is one of those cities that you are meant to get lost in. I found that when Aaron and I would walk around aimlessly, we would stumble across some of the best restaurants, cafes, and hidden gems along the streets of the city. We were so fortunate to have amazing weather during our time in Paris and we made sure to stroll around – even without a destination planned – each and every day. We spent our last morning strolling streets by our Airbnb eating chocolate beignets and even watched some seniors take a tai chi class in a quaint little park. Honestly – I can’t make this stuff up.


Do I even need to tell you why this is on the list? Honestly, the Eiffel Tower is a must when you go to Paris and if you want my opinion (or even if you don’t) going at night should be a requirement! Watching that stunning structure sparkle against the Paris skyline is something I will never forget and I feel so lucky to have that memory. The vicinity of the tower is always buzzing with tourists, locals, and street vendors. It is a great way to spend the evening once to the sun goes down.

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