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August 20, 2019 No Comments

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a love for makeup. While my mom was never a big makeup person, I can remember sneaking into the bathroom as a pre-teen and rummaging through her small-sized collection of Mary Kay and Avon products. From there I would test the waters by applying too much blush and a thick layer of frosted lipstick on my young face. 

I am happy to report that I have put down the frosted lipstick, but even to this day, it is rare that I leave the house for work or a day out without some sort of makeup of my face. I am confident that my makeup skills allow me to appear as though I am not wearing too much, but I would like to make a better attempt at going minimal when it comes to makeup. In fact, when I was sourcing ideas for this fall-inspired makeup post, I noticed that I was saving a lot of natural looks. With this in mind, I pulled my top inspirations for makeup during the upcoming Fall season.

As someone who loves a full-coverage foundation, I am pretty shocked at how much I am loving the look of bare skin. I realize that even photographed ‘bare skin’ requires some makeup, so my goal is to really switch things up so that I am using a lighter foundation that allows the natural essence of my skin come through.
Also – in case you don’t notice it on your own – there is a trend happening in all of my inspiration pics: freckles. I love love love the look of freckles on the face and wish I had more of my own!
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If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be actively growing out my brows because I am in love with the look of thick brows…well, I would have raised my rail thin eyebrows and laughed at you. Thick dark brows are all the rage and I am here for them! They work so well with all face shapes and add a ton of character. 
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If I am being honest, I have always struggled with the matte lip look. It’s never been a very comfortable look to wear and my love for a glossy lip is just too strong. With that being said, I am embracing the gloss this Fall and sticking to nude-rose colored lips that shine and are silky smooth. 
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I have been and always will be a blush girl. It was one of those products that I (over) used from my mom’s collection and still love to add into any look I do. As someone with fair skin, blush adds the perfect flush of color to my skin and makes me feel more ‘alive’ when I wear it. This fall I am especially leaning towards warm rose tones like the ones in these inspo-pics. 
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Most people push glowy skin during the summer months, but I am especially a fan of a subtle glow in the Fall and Winter seasons too. A little highlight pared with the bare skin look is the ultimate palette for any Fall look. This season I am going for a soft dewy look on the cheeks and above the bows. 
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With Fall comes my love for a smoky bronzed eye. While my overall goal is to keep my makeup minimal, I am making an exception when it comes to the eyes. A sweep of soft bronze shadow and black mascara is a great way to add some warm tones to your look and bronzed shadow (in my opinion) looks good on all eye colors. 
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What are some of your go-to Fall looks for the upcoming season? Share them with me in the comments below!

Note: all photos are sourced from and saved on Pinterest.


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