Over the past two years I have made some strides in, what I believe, is the right direction. From working towards veganism to greatly reducing my use of plastic, I have tried to continuously educate myself and act on improving various areas of my life. I have banned plastic bottles from our home, started buying in bulk, and even started venturing into shopping sustainable clothing (more on that to come). 

One area that I have moved a lot slower in is my beauty products. While I have reduced my amount of spending when it comes to beauty products, I have yet to dive into the world of clean/sustainable beauty that is both good for the environment and for your skin. However, over the past few months I have been researching brands, reading/watching reviews, and testing out products to find the best ethical beauty for my skin.

With that being said, here are 5 ethical skincare brands that I have found and love (who also offer vegan products)!


Stumbling on The Ordinary on Sephora’s website was a great thing for me. To be honest, I couldn’t believe there was skincare at Sephora that didn’t cost me the equivalent of an entire paycheck. After checking out their prices, I started reading the reviews and this stuff is LOVED by the beauty community. Their formula is right – simple ingredients, effective products, and affordable pricing. 


Over the past six months, I have slowly transitioned my skincare to be almost entirely from Shea Moisture. I am obsessed with their Coconut Oil collection which is saying a lot since only a few years ago I was terrified of anything with the word ‘oil’ in it. Not only is their skincare gentle, but it is also fair trade which means your money actually goes to the hardworking people creating the products. The best part? You can get Shea Moisture everywhere including Walgreens, Ulta, and Target. I highly recommend them!


Herbivore Botanicals is one of those brands that I have had my eye on for a while. I have tried a handful of products from them and have yet to be disappointed. Their simplistic packaging is stunning and their ingredients are packed with quality. They sit at a mid to high price point, but are worth the cost when investing in your skin. I especially love their face oils and their lip conditioner.


While I love me some affordable (and effective) skincare, I didn’t want this list to be absent of a luxury brand. Gressa is a new find for me and one that I don’t know too well. However, I have seen some pretty amazing reviews online and the sleek black packaging doesn’t hurt either! I really want to get my hands on the Purifying Cleanser which is (somewhat) reasonably priced at $35.


I have been shopping at The Body Shop for years and I have yet to be disappointed by a product. While not all of their products are fully vegan (they are all cruelty free), there are a ton of vegan products to choose from. My favorite line is the ‘Oils Of Life’ collection which is so incredibly hydrating! The Body Shop is also home to some incredible face masks; a few of which are in my beauty cabinet right now. 

*Note: Some of the brands listed also sell non-vegan skincare products (i.e. they may contain honey). Be sure to check the ingredients before purchasing any products.

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