As part of the travel series on this here blog, I wanted to dedicate a post to those traveling in pairs. Whether you are trotting around the globe with a significant other or exploring different countries with a best friend, having someone with you can actually save you both money in your pocket & space in your bag!

Here are five budget friendly tips for traveling in pairs:

Depending on where you are, eating out can be a large expense when traveling. This is especially the case if you are a foodie (much like Aaron and me.) A great way to save some extra cash while still getting to enjoy the local cuisine is to share a meal with your significant other. Splitting a salad and one entree or indulging in tapas can allow you the treat of eating out without being handed a big bill at the end of the meal. If you are staying in an Airbnb, you can also cook your own meals which greatly reduce costs. Maybe do just one meal a day out or create a schedule for your time away determining the days you will stay in and cook or go out for a meal.

When we decided to end our stay in France in the incredible beach town of Nice, we knew we want to explore as many areas of the area as possible. This led us to a Europcar where we rented the cutest little European whip. Similarly, we skipped the Uber rides and took the train as we toured the many sights of Rome. These decision may seem intimidating in a foreign area, but they save you hundreds of dollars in Uber/Lyft rides (plus tips!) It also lets you emerge yourself in the culture more by living like a local!

It can be quite tempting to order rounds of fine wine in Italy or countless top-shelf margaritas on the beaches of Cabo. And don’t get me wrong, indulging in a drink here and there at dinner isn’t a bad thing. However, the costs of liquor can quickly add up and eat away at your traveling budget. Instead, buy a bottle and share it over a home cooked meal in your Airbnb or split a beer over lunch while exploring the local city. Even better – skip the drinks and hydrate your night away with H20. It might feel like you’re missing out in the moment, but that extra $20 will feel nice when you are booking your next excursion.

When at home, it’s nice to have your own shower gel and deep conditioning treatment to use. However, when you are trekking it in unknown territory, sharing toiletries essential. Not only does it save you a few extra dollars when preparing for your trip, but it also saves a ton of space in your (and their!) bag.

title photo: nicole harrington

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