A few months back, I received an email in my inbox reminding me that the blog would be up for renewal come February 2019. After the reading the email I had this weird thought cross my mind: maybe I should close this thing down.

My time with this blog has been interesting to say the least. I remember the day I typed in the words ‘Go Daddy’ into my google search bar and purchased my first space on the internet. I was living on my own in the city, working in a corporate finance job that I loathed, and spiraling due to the lack of creativity in my life. I wanted so badly to invest my time, my energy, and myself into something I cared about and a little space on the internet where I could write seemed to be the answer. It’s crazy to think of all the time that has passed and just how much my life has evolved. Now, I live in a house with a fiance and a dog. I have traveled around the world (literally) and although I still work in finance, this employer makes it a LOT less painful. I also – from time to time – still sit at my computer, open up my blog and write.

With all this being said, this here blog – my little space on the internet – has seen more ups and downs than I have in my own life. It has seen the likes of partnerships with some amazing companies (thank you Warby Parker.) It has swallowed my emotions in the form of words when I lost some of the most important people in my life (fuck cancer.) It went through a slew of life phases (thanks me): once a beauty blog, a lifestyle blog, and then a travel blog. It also has sat here – alone and unused – for song long that it was once closed out by Godaddy and years of content was lost forever. This bitch right here – she has been through it.

The idea that I would shut down this page and never publish another blog post was recently fueled by the announcement that one of my favorite blogs, Design Sponge, would be ending in August of 2019 (read bout that here.) Design Sponge is a massive resource for creators on the internet – one that reaches millions of people. If this special space on the web is ending – what does that say about the rest of us smaller sites? There is no denying that blogging is not what is used to be. People, myself included, are moving our attention to visual content like Instagram or YouTube. Blogs are an afterthought and while most only continue to write for sponsorships, even the financial push to keep creating is coming to an end. The massive teen-based blog Rookie has also recently closed it’s blogging chapter and in the editor’s farewell post, she insightfully goes into detail about blogging as a business and how the transition from blogging for fun to blogging for a buck has stolen what having a blog once was. Believe it or not, blogs are not always free and it takes money, time and energy to keep them running.

Even though it seems economically smart to close this page down, I have decided to keep it going. Months of consideration and deep conversations with my best friend have led me to the determination that writing makes me happy and if this is where I write, then this needs to exist.
I have never used this blog to drive a ton of income; rather, I use it as a means to express both myself and my interests. More on that…

I have spent years struggling to find the right ‘direction’ for the site. Is it a beauty blog, a travel blog, an overall lifestyle site? I have honestly spent more time trying to label and define the blog’s purpose than I have creating content. I tell you this because when I made the decision to keep this page up, I also decided to stop labeling things and just write. I want to use this space on the internet to write about the things I love and the things that matter to me. Within the past few years I have found myself refraining from writing about topics that I am really passionate about such as politics and injustice because those things were not “on brand.” How could I write about my travels in Bali one week and then talk about racism another week?

I will no longer ask myself these questions because I don’t want to write what I think other people want to hear. I want to write honestly and maybe even a little selfishly. That means no more labels or definitions. This space will likely be random and unorganized, but it will be done with purpose. Understand that if you like travel, you will find that here. If you like health & wellness, you will find that here. If you care about important social issues that impact real people every single day, you will also find that here.
I have always feared losing readers because they might not like the content I create, but I have come to realize that it is okay if you don’t like my words. You can simply close out the browser and move on. Maybe we weren’t meant to be after all. Hopefully, most of you stay and we realize together that this new non-direction is exactly the path to take.

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