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  • I still dream of Paris, two years later. It really is a city to get lost in and I can’t wait to go back. Five things you must do while in this stunning city is now up on the blog. Link in bio ✈️🥐
  • For anyone who needs to hear this (me included) 👆🏼
  • A face so sweet I could eat it. 💕
  • Current mood: dreaming of Spring in Paris. 
Speaking of... the Paris series had started on the blog and today I’m sharing 5 @airbnb options that will get you in the city for less than $100/night! Link to the list is in my bio. 🥐☕️✈️🌏🇫🇷
  • My love for @thebreakfastclubnld is so real that I’m claiming it the best breakfast in Amsterdam! 🍶🍽🍓
I’m sharing photos and details on the blog today - check out the link in my bio.
  • New post is up on the blog (and on @wholesomeandhungry). Wanna eat summer in a bowl? Recipe is in the link in my bio 🍑
  • The only thing not included in this Saturday morning snap is the the adorable pup curled up next to me (he's camera shy)
  • Scrolling through old pics this morning and I honestly don't know what I did in life that made me lucky enough to have this little baby-angel-turkey in my life. Even on the shittiest day, this adorable ass face makes everything right in the world.


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October 17, 2018 No Comments


October 17, 2018 No Comments

 It’s been a while since I have shared a podcast post here on the blog and I am not sure why. I have been subscribing to one podcast after another lately so basically – I have a lot of catching up to do.

I mentioned a few posts back that I haven’t really been feeling like myself lately. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just feel really disconnected from….well, everything. This is not to say I am not grateful for the things I have in my life right now, but there is this weird sense of ‘what else’ that has been hanging over me recently. With this being said, I have been trying to occupy my mind with some positive content whether it be reading a good book (see more on that here) or listening to an insightful podcast. This leads me to today’s list of shows that are all about getting a little pick-me-up.


I have watched Estee’s YouTube channel for years now. Of all the YouTuber’s that are out there, she is one of the few that I find incredibly genuine. She is relatable and doesn’t take herself too seriously which, in my opinion, is one of her best qualities. I was sad to see her end her last podcast (The Heart of It), but she is back and if I am being transparent – the content is better than ever. The show is new so there aren’t a ton of episodes to dive into (yet) but I have really enjoyed listening to her and her guest cover topics such as break ups and reiki healing. I am excited to see what else this lovely lady has in store for us.

Jenna Kutcher has been a staple on my Instagram feed for what feels like forever. Talk about ‘realness’ – her content in packed with it. From struggles with body image to tips on how to create the career of your dreams, Jenna has some seriously good advice on any topic she touches. Much like Estee, I am drawn to the down-to-Earth personality Jenna has. She seems so relatable and while this is her business, it doesn’t come off like she is selling you anything.

If  you don’t know who Hillary Kerr is – get your shit together. This woman is somehow amazing enough to have created both Who What Wear and My Domaine (one of my favorite sites). She is also the person who created this podcast which has a focus on career changes that happen at any age or time in someone’s life. As a girl who has been career driven since we was 14, I have a huge appreciation for this topic as well some of her guests. If you are looking for inspiration in your current career or trying to figure out how to break out and walk into new territory…this is for you.

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