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January 23, 2019 No Comments


January 23, 2019 No Comments

Much like finding a place to stay (more on that here), booking a flight can be not only challenging, but also a little intimidating. With rumors swirling on the best times to purchase (what day? what hour?) and countless airlines to choose from, finding the right flight for your trip is easier said than done.

In all the time I have spent traveling, I have tried out a lot of different search engines for shopping flights. Some worked out perfectly, and some….not so much. With these experiences in hand, I have rounded up my favorite sites to shop for flights.


PROS: You can search for multi-location flights (example: Starting in NYC, stopping in London, and ending in Greece) and you can search flights that use multiple carriers. This really helps when on a budget or looking to book and extended stay in more than one city.

CONS: While you can book some of the flights you find directly through Skyscanner, majority of the flight options that pull up redirect you to another website in order to complete the booking. This can occasionally result in added fees (taxes, baggage, etc..) on the site you purchase from.


PROS: The site allows you to see a full itinerary for the flight(s) including a breakdown of all the costs associated with the booking. We’re talking DETAILS – from immigration user fees to 9/11 security fees, all of your costs will be explained.

CONS: Not as user friendly as some of the other sites and there are no options to book your flight through ITA. While not being able to purchase through the search engine is common, unlike Skyscanner, ITA will not redirect you to a booking page where you can complete the purchase. Instead, you must show the itinerary to a travel agent or recreate the booking through another site such as Expedia.


PROS: The best feature on the site is the sidebar (to the right) of your search results. There you will find the little details for each flight listed. This includes the flight’s on-demand entertainment choices, power cord availability, and the wi-fi options. This is super helpful when booking long flights or those for business where something like wi-fi is a must.

CONS: The sight has a lot of information on it which can be confusing to work through. Similar to some of the other sites mentioned, you cannot book directly through Hipmunk; however, they will redirect you to a site where you can purchase.


PROS: Filters!! Google has endless options when it comes to filtering what you want to see in your search. From the number of bags you want to bring to what airports you specifically want as a ‘connecting flight,’ your options are endless.

CONS: Google doesn’t have as large of a variety of search results when it comes to international flights so you are better suited using them for domestic flights.


PROS: Have your heart set on a destination? You can sign up for fare alerts and have them tell you as soon as there is a deal on your dream trip. You can also easily compare rates for airports that are in proximity to your home base. Sometimes a further drive to the airport can save you $$ on the actual flight.

CONS: If you sign up for fare alerts (which is essentially the point of using their website), they kinnndaaa crowd your Inbox throughout the day. Of course, this is easily fixed by setting a rule for their emails to go into a designated folder. They also require a lot of pop ups when searching the various travel sites for your results.


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