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November 12, 2018 No Comments

Over the past few months, I have decided to start tackling the long list of projects that I have written out for our home. At first it was just small things like declutter the hall closet or paint the bedroom. Then I decided to go on Pinterest and things got a little bit….how do you say… expensive?

I figured I would start in the room that needs the most love: our bedroom. And when I say it needs some love, I mean it needs a complete overhaul. New floors, new paint, updated light fixtures, and a ton of added character. Aaron and I actually rent the home I grew up in from my parents which allows us a ton of flexibility when it comes to what we want to do with the home. This means wallpapers, nails in the walls and pretty much any paint color we want. Let it be known… I will be taking advantage of this.

To better gather my thoughts and ideas with what I want to do with the space, I have decided to create a vision board for the room. I thought it might be fun to share the transformation here on the blog and so, why not share my vision with you too? Here’s what I am thinking:

photo: brian paquette

The fact that I am sitting here telling you all I am dreaming of a velvet headboard just goes to show how much one person’s style can evolve over time. I would have never imagined me wanting velvet anything in my bedroom over the past ten years, but here we are. I have especially fallen in love with velvet that is a deep jewel-toned color (think evergreen or navy blue.) Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also add another element of texture to the space. I think they would also go perfectly with a luxury rug to utilize the space, there’s so many options on sites such as Bazaar velvet so I can see what will match best.

main photo: pinterest


As it stands right now, we have a standard (aka boring) ceiling fan along with two small bed-side lamps in our bedroom. I hate them all. The lamps are what I thought was my style 5 years ago and the ceiling fan is not operated by a switch which lends to us never using it. With all that being said – it’s time for an upgrade. Currently, I am in search a unique light fixture that not only puts off a good amount of light, but one that also brings some character to the room. I am especially drawn to fixtures with bamboo elements or those with gold accents.

main photo: avenue

I love me some pretty artwork. With that being said, we currently have zero in our bedroom. In fact, there is not one piece of decor hanging on any of the four walls. Therefore, adding some pieces into the room is pretty much mandatory. I have been back and forth on whether I want to go with a more minimal style or if I should bring in some more graphic/colorful pieces. Either way, Desenio has a slew of pieces to choose from and they are incredibly affordable.

main photo: deshapeacock

Honestly, who doesn’t love a home full of plants? I know I do. Problem with this is that we don’t get a ton of light in our bedroom due to the fact it sits in the back of the house. Luckily faux plants are a thing and you can get some realistic looking options at almost any home store. I like the idea of having a few plants throughout the room; all of them varying in size and style. I’m also a sucker for a plant that sits inside of a basket versus an actual planter.

main photo: front + main

As I was pinning my life away on Pinterest for this post, I realized that I was saving a ton of photos with beds that were layered in different textures. Throws, pillows, and comforters that were all different in color & fabric, yet worked really well together. Obviously I need to replicate this look in our bedroom and just pray that our pup doesn’t take ownership of all the blankets (he tends to do that.)


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