I don’t think I have mentioned it on a social platform yet, but ya girl is getting healthy! After checking myself in terms of my diet and finally stepping into the gym I pay every damn month, I am 22lbs down and feeling good. The thing is, I love working out and I actually enjoy a lot of healthy, nutritious foods. (The other thing is I love donuts and bread and ice cream.) Working on ‘cleaning up’ my food habits has not been easy, but it has made quite the change in both my body and my mind. Knowing this, you will likely see a lot more health-related posts on this blog in terms of food and fitness. Which leads me to today’s post.

Avocado toast is all the rage in terms of getting a good pic on Instagram. It is also a great meal that, when done in moderation with the right ingredients, can add a great source of nutrients and healthy fats to your diet. Here are a few of my favorite avocado toast recipes:

On top of being an adorable family, this creative duo has created a recipe that feeds my everything bagel loving soul! I adore that this recipe is super simple, yet packed with flavor.

Okay, so while this may not be the healthiest option on this list, it is hands down the most delicious. I meeeaaann…. It’s street corn!! I don’t even think I need to convince you to try this one. Just look at the photo!

I try to eat as much of a plant-based diet as possible so finding recipes like this are clutch to keep me on the vegan track. Also, I am obsessed with anything lime so I practically drool just reading the name of this recipe.

Chickpeas prepared in any way are one of my favorite things to eat so when the brilliant Ania added them to her avocado toast, well I wanted to kiss the girl. Adding these beauties also amps up the protein to this recipe which will keep you fuller longer.

Honestly, I would be deceiving you if I didn’t admit that Dana (from Minimalist Baker) wasn’t my favorite human right now. If I am not browsing her endless amounts of recipes on the website, I am watching her test recipes on Instagram. This is just one of many recipes I am obsessed from her right now.

Let me know below: what are some of your favorite avocado recipes?

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