I spend quite a bit of time on the internet, reading articles and scrolling through pictures from some of my favorite sites. Does this take up a good chunk of time? Yes. Do I care? No. In fact, I enjoy the time I get to dedicate to other people’s blogs and websites. I enjoy it so much that I decided to create a series here on my blog where I can share some of my favorite things that I find on my hunt each week. In short… you’re welcome!

An industrial apartment in São Paul, Brazil designed by Mona Singal and Rafael Zalc that is so stunning, will have you wanting to move immediately.

Possibly the most delicious sandwiches you could ever make (Warning: you will likely want to eat everything you see on this website)

Apparently Childish Gambino & Rihanna are in a movie together and I am here for it.

This floral entryway will make you want to mural your whole damn house.

Kristen Ess released new styling tools and they are so pretty, you’ll actually want to do your hair in the morning.


title photo: daniella jardim

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