I spend quite a bit of time on the internet, reading articles and scrolling through pictures from some of my favorite sites. Does this take up a good chunk of time? Yes. Do I care? No. In fact, I enjoy the time I get to dedicate to other people’s blogs and websites. I enjoy it so much that I decided to create a series here on my blog where I can share some of my favorite things that I find on my hunt each week. In short… you’re welcome!

I may love food, but I have always avoided the sample lines at Costco and this article backs me up on that! #WatchoutforoldpeopleatCostco

I cannot get enough of the Sweet Diaries series on Philly Mag’s website and was even more excited when I saw them feature Jayel Lews, one of my favorite Philly health gals.

As a lover of design, I enjoyed this tutorial on how to update antique furniture so it fits in a modern space.

 I battle GI issues (insert heavy sigh of annoyance) so this article on the relation between mind and gut health was really interesting to me!

This stunning shop is making me want to book a trip to Portland asap just so I can go shopping in there.

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